• Quality Control

    Manali Exports tests the products base on customer's requirement . Has the world's advanced level research and production testing equipment as :

    1. Vacuum Direct Reading Spectrometer
    2. 4000KN Tensil Testing Machine
    3. 2000 KN Cold Bend Testing Machine
    4. 25000KN Hydraulic Leveler

    5. 1000KN Universal Material Testing Machine
    6. 3000J Impect Testing Machine
    7. Broad View metallurgical microscope
    8. Scanning Electron Microscope
    9. High -temperatured tensil testing machine to ensure the quality of the steel plate

    Quanta 400
    Scanning Electron Microscope
    Ray Spectometer
    Drop Hammer
    testing Machine
    Cold Bend testing Machine
    Tensile Testing Machine